DCL-17 Realtime Application and Results of Highly Contaminated Waste Water in Front of Municipal Commissioner (Junagadh, Gujarat)

In this video, waste gutter water was taken from one of the government buildings in Gujarat. It was this water that was treated with DCL-17.

We were invited by the mayor of Junagadh in February 2018 where we were requested by the Mayor to show the demonstration of DCL-17 for cleaning highly contaminated Municipal waste water. The first video is the source of water sample, and the second video is after treatment. DCL-17 acted to clean the contamination and clean the water within 5 minutes of its application.

The image below shows the water treated with DCL-17 after 24 hours. This water is now purely drinkable and all contaminants have been neutralized.


Treatment of Gutter Water After 24 hours With DCL-17