Lake Kankaria and ABE-20 Application

Lake Kankaria is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a great historical significance. The lakefront is home to many attractions such as water rides, water park and a zoo. While being home to these attractions, the problem of water pollution remains. Lake Kankaria is a highly polluted lake  with contaminants including dye pigments, lead and many other chemicals. In the year 2015, two truckloads of dead fish were hauled from this lake. Upon further study, it was found that the lake had a low dissolved oxygen level.  Organic wastes are also dumped from nearby buildings in the lake thus making the issue of pollution worse.

In the video above, water from Lake Kankaria was gathered after which ABE-20 was added.

Lake Kankaria and ABE-20 Application (After)

After Being Treated with DCL-17 for Two Hours
After Being Treated WIth DCL-17 For 4 Hours