DCL-17 is a unique mineral composition formulated by DASUN International that has a multitude of different uses in water treatment. DCL-17 is a highly purified colourless white powder with a particle size below the 3-micron level. Further processing ensures that the composition is purified and that all toxic  organic, inorganic and harmful minerals and metals are removed. It is based on our unique complex formulation that this process is effective. Our unique micro nutrient formulation boosts the effectiveness of this product multifold. The process along with our micro nutrient profile is our trade secret formula. This product is purely non-biocide making it a safe product to use in a variety of different scenarios. DCL-17 is effective for the following uses:

  • The removal of suspended/colloidal matter (helping to reduce taste, odors and coloration)
  • Reducing Hardness
  • Reducing Concentrations of Dissolved metals
  • pH adjustment

Please see below for a full explanation of the benefits of DCL-17.

Water Purification/ Waste Water Treatment

DCL-17 is highly effective when it comes to waste water treatment. DCL-17 can control the pH of water and neutralize acidic waste water. It excels when it comes to reducing the concentration of oxidizable organic pollutants in water. Additionally, it works to precipitate dissolved pullulations and functions as a flocculant and coagulant for colloidal particles.

Water Softening

DCL-17 can soften water through carbonate hardness reduction. Water hardness is caused by bicarbonates and carbonates of calcium and magnesium. DCL-17 can rapidly remove water hardness caused by calcium and magnesium salts.

pH Adjustment/Coagulation

DCL-17 is used to adjust the pH of water to prepare it for treatment. It is also used to eliminate “red water’ by neutralizing acid water, which reduces corrosion of pipes and mains. The corrosive waters contain excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. It precipitates the CO2 to form calcium carbonate, which provides a protective coating on the inside of water mains.

Water Body Remediation

DCL-17 can be used effectively in lake remediation. It is a powerful neutralizer of contaminated water which buffers aqua systems from rapid changes in pH making it a perfect solution for cleaning lakes, rivers and ponds. DCL-17 protects water from acidification to promote vibrant and thriving ecosystems while restoring the ecological integrity of the water body.

Using DCL-17 is one of the most cost-effective methods of slowing down the effects of acidification in water. It also reduces the toxic effects of metals especially aluminium, copper, cadmium, lead, nickel and zinc which are toxic to both aquatic life and humans.  DCL-17 dramatically restores lakes ecologically and this results in increasing economic and recreational values.

DCL-17 helps in enriching a lake by adding calcium, an important nutrient for promoting biodiversity in water bodies. This unique mineral composition makes lakes more hospitable to the entire food chain including Plankton, insects and fish. As the water conditions become more hospitable for the water ecosystem, there is an increase in fish growth and reproduction. Enhanced growth of rooted aquatic life stimulated by DCL-17 can serve as a nursery for fish. Fish reproduction is known to be increased in alkaline waters.