DASUN International is a leader in health based science. We have pioneered several new technologies to combat illnesses and promote general wellness. Based on our forecast of healthcare trends, we have positioned ourselves to tackle new challenges in healthcare related issues. Below are our portfolio of healthcare products:



Nytrik is a one of a kind endurance and strength booster for those who work out and exercise. During exercise, muscles need ample supplies of oxygen to be able to perform efficiently. Nytrik is able to help the body deliver oxygen where it is needed ultimately reducing fatigue through the removal of exercise-induced lactic acid. By taking Nytrik, one is able to exercise for longer with less recovery time.


DIABETOL-D is a novel therapeutic solution for the diabetic population. Diabetes affects 422 million (2014) people globally and this number is growing every year. It is in the top 5 leading causes of death in developed countries. By 2040, diabetes is predicted to affect 642 million people worldwide with 3 out of every 4 of these cases being in third world countries. Diabetes is prevalent in societies that are ageing, that have high obesity rates and unhealthy lifestyles.

DIABETOL-D is able to counter insulin resistance in those with diabetes while improving blood flow throughout the body and improving the uptake of oxygen.


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. DASUN has created a special natural formulation designed to combat cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol and blood pressure called BRUITCARE. BRUITCARE uses newly discovered scientific data to not only help cure but prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Turbo charge you’re Stamina and Endurance with Moxie-17(Protected Nitric Oxide Supplement) designed for boosting your energy naturally from your body. Click here to read more about Moxie-17 and why it should be part of your work out routine.