Moxie-17 (A Source of Protected Nitric Oxide)

 Moxie-17 is very effective when it comes to improving performance, stamina and endurance. The potential advantages of drinking Moxie-17 are multifold as it contains a variety of unique health-boosting pure and natural nutrients that are not found in other energy drinks or food.

This product is a one stop solution for stopping low stamina and endurance. Moxie-17 is a very natural effective booster which starts working immediately once consumed with no synthetic or chemical additive. It also supports your body’s natural detox process, and protects against environmental stress for your cells and organs. Moxie-17 effectively improves healthy blood flow throughout your brain and the body.

Protected nitrates in Moxie-17 support healthy blood flow in your body and brain. In the human body, within your blood vessels, there exists a thin lining of cells called the Endothelium. These Endothelial cells line your entire circulatory system, starting from the heart to the smallest of  capillaries. Inside Endothelium cells, a soluble gas called nitric oxide, or NO, is continually produced from the amino acid, L-Arginine present in within the body.

NO is an important signaling molecule in every cell of your body. “Depleted NO in your body is an indicator of future serious health problems and you cannot ignore that warning signal of body”

Moxie-17 is the answer of depleted NO problems especially with all the nutritional benefits.

Moxie-17 Advantages:A Source of Protected Nitric Oxide

  1. Naturally boosts your athletic performancestamina, and endurance
  2. Stimulates muscle oxygenation, which helps you endure high-intensity exercises and helps to promote healthy blood flow throughout your body and brain
  3. Supports your body’s natural detoxification processes
  4.  Promotes brain neuroplasticity, the ability to form new neural pathways, especially when consumed before exercise
  5.  High in valuable nutrients such as vitamin C, iron , potassium and manganese supporting your cardiovascular health
  6. Promotes both your normal endothelial function and healthy dilation of your veins, arteries to support healthy blood flow there by protecting your cells’ powerhouses “mitochondria”
  7. Prevents your red blood cells from clumping together

So what is it so special about Moxie-17 that makes it such a unique and valuable health supplement?

Consuming Moxie-17  before exercising helps you work out longer, run further, and pedal harder before becoming fatigued. As we’ve seen, Moxie-17 contains high levels of nitrates that convert to nitric oxide in your body  promoting blood flow and lowering the amount of oxygen that your muscles require for exercise.

These factors help athletes move more efficiently and with greater power. Moxie-17 may provide its greatest benefits during higher intensity or fatiguing exercises.

Indeed, these are the exact conditions that favor the conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide in your muscles!

The consumption of Moxie-17 before working out promotes the pliability of arterial walls. This could be a significant benefit for you as you age and your blood vessels begin to lose some of their natural flexibility.

It supplies;

  • Protected Nitric Oxide for those who are depleted in NO
  • Bioactive pigments called Betalains,
  • Other beneficial Phytochemical compounds.

Thus by saying YES to Protected NO (Nitric oxide), you may be saying ‘NO’ too many of today’s chronic diseases…..

Why Nitrates and Nitrites in your food don’t behave in same way in your Body?

People in today’s fast life have become heavily dependent on processed foods like meats, bacon, hot dogs, ham, and fertilizers grown grains, vegetables etc. too contain nitrates that are potentially hazardous to your health.  These Nitrites are found in the many preservatives like sodium nitrite that’s added to such processed meats, and they are found naturally in drinking water, fertilizer etc. So when such processed or cured foods are cooked, the nitrites present in them gets converted into ‘Nitrosamines’, which is a more harmful than beneficial to human body.

The natural antioxidants in Moxie-17 help protect against nitrite’s negative effects.

Moxie-17 contains high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients that provide a very protective shield against the health-harming actions of harmful nitrites of processed or fertilizer grown food.  Unlike the nitrites in various processed meats, vegetables grown with fertilizers, and drinking water, the naturally occurring nitrates in Moxie-17 offer healthy and valuable nutrients and the converted nitrites  don’t pose a threat to your health.

Moxie-17 contains one of the highest levels of nitrates found in fruit extracts. When you drink Moxie-17, your body converts these nitrates into nitric oxide through what’s known as the ‘Nitrate-to-Nitrite-to-Nitric oxide (NO) pathway’.

It plays an important role in:

  • Supporting your cardiovascular health
  • Promoting your normal endothelial function
  • Promoting healthy dilation of your veins and arteries to support healthy blood flow
  • Protecting your cells’ powerhouses, or mitochondria

Moxie-17 provided protected Nitric oxide helps your blood vessels relax and increases the diameter of your vessels for improved blood flow. Healthy blood flow is essential for supplying your brain and organs with oxygen and nutrients. Your blood nourishes and oxygenizes your immune system and muscles, and helps keep your heart beating. Just as importantly, your blood carries away wastes and carbon dioxide.

Moxie-17 is absorbed in upper gastric tract and it induces NO (Nitric Oxide) for healthy blood flow – both are essential for energy production and optimal performance throughout your entire body, including your brain and muscles.

The truth is, without healthy blood flow, the functions of your cells and organs including those of your brain, might be compromised.