NYTRIK: Promoting Healthy Blood Flow and Circulation


Do you suffer from poor blood circulation? Nytric, a novel formulation of fruit extracts created by DASUN International can improve blood circulation throughout the body 100% naturally. Our unique formulation rich in natural antioxidants makes our product have a high rate of effectiveness. It is through our antioxidants that we can create a source of protected nitric oxide within the blood vessels.

Why is Nytrik Superior?

Nytrik protects the nitric oxide from free radical damage with a finely selected potent and natural source of antioxidants. This is knows as “protected nitric oxide”.

Diseases such as Peripheral artery disease are becoming more prominent throughout the world.  Through the consumption of Nytrik, one is able to improve their blood flow since it is a natural vascodilator. Nitric oxide, a signalling molecule, signals to the blood vessels to expand and allow more blood to flow through.

Nitric Oxide is produced in the endothelium of our cells. As we age our levels of Nitric Oxide production keep on decreasing. This becomes more apparent after one hits 30 years old. It is at this stage that Nytrik is the most crucial. By the time that men hit 40 years old, their Nitric Oxide production is only 50% of that when they are 20. The below graph shows how dramatic this decline in production is:


Nytrik is a general wellness solution to promote everyday health and living. Diseases related to blood circulation can not only cause physical suffering, but they can also be fatal.  Through taking Nytrik, you can keep your body in check and stay healthy. Vascodilation  is vital for the efficient functioning of the human biological system. Vascodilation can prevent against thrombosis, inflammation and Vascular hypertrophy.

Stay Healthy

If you want to stay healthy, Nytrik is your total wellness solution. It is the key to all biological processes. Here are some improvements that you will feel when you start taking Nytrik:

  1. A feeling of general wellness
  2. A clear mind
  3. Better quality sleep

When you take Nytrik, you will feel what it is like to really be healthy and in control of your own health.